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Handcrafted Stainless Finger Rings

fashion jewelry handcrafted from natural shell with combinatin stainless steel material with unique design of fashion shell finger rings from stainless, we made many kind of stainless steel finger rings combination shell, paua shell stainless finger rings, mother of pearl … Continue reading

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Stainless Shell Bracelets

handcrafted seashell stainless bracelets for women, with fashionable design of shell bracelets handmade, seashell bracelets combination stainless, unique motive and design of fashion shell bracelets,  we selling many kind of bracelets by seashell material combination stainless in cheap price and … Continue reading

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Wood Finger Rings

handcrafted fashion finger rings for ladies with good design of finger rings from wooden, wooden painted rings with beach motive, finger rings by wooden combination stainless, unique design painted finger by wooden, wholesale finger rings jewelry from Indonesian jewelry supplier.

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