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Bali Friendship Leather Bracelet

Hemp bracelets is a small piece of accessory is beautiful jewelry for hand. Bracelets are made of different materials it could be made of leather, metal, precious stones and beads. Bracelets are not only for ornamental values, but it is … Continue reading

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Unique Seashell Bracelets

handcrafted fashion seashell bracelets handmade for ladies, unique jewelry fashion from seashell material, with many color and shell kind material, mother of pearls shell bracelets, flat shell bracelets, seashell coral bracelets, green shell bracelets and many more. we are a … Continue reading

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Wooden Painted Earrings

handcrafted fashion earrings by wooden painted material, with many kind of motive and design of wooden earring for women, we offer many kind of woods painted earrings, sono wooden painted earrings, mango wooden painted earrings, teak wooden painted earring and … Continue reading

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