Natural Handwork with Beaded Bracelets

beads seed cuff bracelet

beads seed cuff bracelet 

Jewelry made  with beads has become very interesting. You can basically make whatever you like, in whichever style you like and in whatever colors you select. Every beads creation is unique. But if you are just a newbie and starting, making a beaded bracelet might be a bit difficult. There are many things which you have to keep in mind while making a bracelet.

For the first step is to get the required tools and materials needed for making bracelets. Many good craft shops have a large range of basic tools you will require, so you can get wires fasteners and cords, and they are most likely to have a large range of seed beads for you to select.

However you are inclined to do something a little more complex, you may find your craft beads shops  stock a bit limited, then you will have to go to a dedicated beading shop. But beware, it is not easy to get out of these stores without being attracted to many qualities of seed bead and spending much more than what you had initially planned. Beading shops are a little costlier than craft shops but the advantage is that you get a large range of beads of all colors, shapes and styles. You will also find  that the seller are also beading enthusiasts and will give you lot of helpful advice.

Bead Wire Cuff Bracelet

Bead Wire Cuff Bracelet

As long as tools are concerned start with basics and increase your collection slowly and steadily. You don’t require every tool on day one, but you will know that wire cutters, jewelry pliers and a good pair of handicraft scissors are always needed. So buy them first.

You are need to decide what type of materials you want to string your bead on. If you have already selected the beads, think about the colors you would like to use. One of the simplest string materials is stretch or elastic string or cords. You just tie a knot on one end and start slipping the beads on in order and finish it with a knot and perhaps a drop of glue to keep the knot in place, and you are done. You may also utilize a beading string for this type of bracelet.

If you want  your bracelet to be a bit stronger and stiffer then you should use a beading wire. It is still relatively flexible and gets you a nice finishing. If you wish to make a solid stretches seeds bracelet handmade beadwork then you need to utilize regular wire, which will give a chain effect if that is what you have in mind.

beaded seed wire bracelet

Beads Seed Bracelet Shell

Kids very often find it appealing to threaded beads on to hemp material or leather. You will require larger size beads for this type of bracelet. It may be a simple way for a child to make gift for a friend. Hemp is suitable for making jewelry with an earthly look to it.

At the last step is to select the type of clasp or fastener you wish for your bead seeds bracelet, you may just tie the two ends together if you have used a elastic or beading string, but if you wish to make it attractive and durable then you need a proper clasp.

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